Monday, 4 April 2011

Living In Bishopscourt, Cape Town - See What The Fuss Is All About

Bishopscourt, Cape Town
When you think of Cape Town the first thing that pops into your head is a never ending abundance of tourism. That much is true, but believe it or not despite the heavy outsiders count there are people that actually live and work in Cape Town.

One part of Cape Town that has some of the wealthier packs of individuals would be that of Bishopscourt a Suburb in the Southern Suburbs area of the city. There are over a thousand residents in Bishopscourt so you won’t have any problems getting to know people and most of them are dying to meet you, so why not take up residence in this little suburban paradise?

There is lots of property available and although it is reserved mostly for the richest of the rich there are those few off-houses that are a bit more in the middle-class range you’d more-so like to look out for. But here are a few things in Bishopscourt you might find to be quite enticing, getting a beautiful house is one thing but sharing in these amazing experiences is a whole other ball of wax.

Number 1: Bishopscourt and the View

There are lots of great country areas that have spectacular views that span across miles and miles of open landscapes. But do any of those views have a mountain range you can look at? Bishopscourt is right next to what is called “Table Mountain”, it pretty much rises over all of Cape Town and cannot be missed by any of its residents, it is so massive that it is as if it’s the hands of God cradling the city in his arms.

From the top of this mountain you have a few of not only Bishopscourt but all of Cape Town in its glory. It is so expansive that it is not something you should pass up if you have friends going to check it out, if you choose to live anywhere in Cape Town be it Constantia or Bishopscourt you do not want to miss Table Mountain and the amazing view it gives off of the immaculate city.

Number 2: Bishopscourt and the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

Hardly even a mile away from your home in Bishopscourt Cape Town you will find the ever famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, one of Cape Town’s most esteemed landmarks. It is one of six other gardens in all of South Africa bred for the purposes of preserving the flora of the country in one place, although Kirstenbosch is widely considered the most popular of the six gardens.

There are thousands of people who visit the gardens every day to view the cultivation and the structure of an ever changing abundance of plant life, what you see in this garden is what South Africa has made a name for itself, without these gardens the vegetation that makes Cape Town as well South Africa look so densely beautiful would be lost.

Number 3: Bishopscourt and the Luxurious Households

Everything in Bishopscourt and Cape Town is already wonderful pieces of memorabilia but the one thing we’re forgetting are the Bishopscourt houses themselves. These houses are built on some of the best foundation imaginable giving residents views of all the vegetation and mountainous fixtures around them and giving residents a piece of property they can not only make their own but can also utilize previously placed amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, everything that will makes your experience living in Bishopscourt Cape Town all the better for you and your family.

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